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- preview of an integrated yahoo messenger


- (maybe) fixed the crash when trying to establish connections
- reactivated some buttons and context menus


- fixed sorting problems for download window
- option to write search queries to stdout
- fixed connection problems
- removed some obsolete code


- bogomips statistics
- block results containing words from a block list
- connection context menu
- modified strategy to get initial connects a bit faster
- accept enter for search combobox
- fixed problems with prefix in configure.in
- a lot of patches from http://www.stud.uni-karlsruhe.de/~uck4/Krams/
* accept version 0.4 conections again
* have code for outgoing 0.4 connections
(if you need 0.4, simply change a 0 to 1, if you need both,
trying alternately both version yields good results)
* support for Gnucleus LAN mode
* get rid of stupid vect_* functions by using the right class for the
job (string instead of vect )
* fix remote DoS that resulted in 100% CPU usage
* improve header parsing somewhat (now files with " http" in their name
can be downloaded)
* support for HUGE style incoming upload requests SHA1 hash
* partial support for HUGE download (needs more stuff to actually have a
SHA1 hash to ask for)
* make autoconf.in somewhat more current


- applied patches:
from http://www.stud.uni-karlsruhe.de/~uck4/Krams/
- fixed problems with configure.in (AM_CONFIG_HEADER, AC_DEFINE)


- GUI: set focus for window when clicking the menu item
- fixed problems with word matching in search results
- fixed problems with configure.in
- fixed compilation problems with Qt 3.1
- fixed namespace problems with KDE 3.1.1
- bugfix: save windows position on exit
- bugfix: reconnected buttons which became disconnect due
to changes to the GUI
- bugfix: install menu icons
- bugfix: initialize sha1 counter


- GWebCache support by Christophe Tronche
- Automatic resubmission of queries patch by C. Tronche
- remember searches between runs patch by C. Tronche
- displaying search options patch by C. Tronche
- MDI interface
- fixed gcc3 problems with sha1 computation
- fixed compiler problems with id3tag (Armin Buehler)
- bugfix: drop valid query hits (Joris Beugnies)
- bugfix: busy header was build but not sent to the remote client
- bugfix: preserve QueryHit when forwarding by C. Tronche
- bugfix: restrict broadcast to connected servent by C. Tronche
- bugfix: duplicate ID patch by C. Tronche
- bugfix: drop results and keep dups patch by C. Tronche


- fixed connecting problems
- Display SHA1 in query results (patch by Christophe Tronche)
- SHA1 are returned in QueryHit (patch by Christophe Tronche)
- SHA1 computation (patch by Christophe Tronche)
- send a 404 reply when can't parse query (patch by Christophe Tronche)
- fixed the tab order
- filter multiple search results
- patch for german language by Daniel Molkentin
- modify ID3 tags by Armin Buehler
- show fraction of sha1 queries of total queries
- some performance improvements for search listviews for qt3
- bugfix: in content-range parsing for uploads (patch by Christophe Tronche)
- bugfix: handling queries with meta-data (patch by Christophe Tronche)
- bugfix: [ 612527 ] BUG FIX and addition to HTTP upload (patch by Christophe Tronche)


- store config files and hostlist file in a directory in ~/.qtella
- set directories for finished downloads depending on their type
- select hosts which should be blocked from search results
- add button to clear the logs
- set maximum number of uploads per user
- block all packets from blocked hosts, not only incoming connections
- reduced flickering of search result tabs
- patches for gcc3
- when submitting a search, increase limit for incoming messages/s
- additional statistics for dropped and blocked messages
- bugfix: deadlock when trying to download a file a twice
- bugfix: status of number of reachable files and size
- bugfix: keyboard accelerators did not work
- bugfix: filename for finished downloads sometimes doubled
- bugfix: wrong length of progress bars for big files
- bugfix: search results with wrong file types
- bugfix: set ttl for push to the custom value (Michael Schwendt)
- bugfix: state overrided state for downloads
- bugfix: send wrong port number with query hits


- extract information from audio files (Armin Buehler)
- documentation for AudioFile
- support for id3v2 tags if id3lib is available
- support for ogg format
- modifications to configure.in to search for audio libraries
- support for opensourcep2p
- added some mutexes to DownloadManager
- added paths for qt3 and kde3 to configure script
- new index file for indexing incompleted downloads
- language: add no (=nb), corrections to no/nb
- language: added support for french but incomplete yet
- BUGFIX: download grouping


- send X-Try header when busy
- additional option to take ip reported by other clients
- send Remote-IP header for incoming and outgoing connections
- translation for Norwegian and Finish
- added rm audio format to audio file list
- BUGFIX: [ 534165 ] does not stay diconnected
- BUGFIX: sometimes crashed for uploads with invalid index
- BUGFIX: added header files neccessary for some systems


- download same file from multiple hosts (segmented downloads)
- group search results, downloads and interrupted downloads by size
- save last directory of "download to" selection
- option to show only established connections
- bye packet implementation
- implemented v0.6 handshaking for incoming connections
- force compile flag -fexceptions
- BUGFIX: crash on startup on some systems
- BUGFIX: [ 525940 ] resume incomplete dl starts new dl
- BUGFIX: [ 531888 ] wrong filename when select "download to"


- QT2/KDE2, QT3/KDE3 compatible
- retrieve bitrate etc from files being downloaded
- system tray support for KDE (by Baek, Dae Yong)
- added "show handshake" to connection context menu
- implementation of handshaking protocol v0.6 for outgoing connections
- system tray support for KDE
- first implementation to get mp3 file information (by Armin Buehler)
- option to disable/enable tabs
- added option: show only searches that match with shared files
- fixed compilation problems with qt.h
- replace bad characters in filenames (which caused trouble) by "_"
- BUGFIX: sort by "progress" in interrupted downloads tab
- BUGFIX: crash when blocking a host from upload list
- BUGFIX: missing header file for KDE2
- BUGFIX: start with selected network interface


- added "Download to" to download context menu
- save style settings on exit
- progress bar for uploads
- option to sort search results not case-sensitive
- hide search results already existing in shared directories
- block specified hosts
- retrieve ip from an hostname or file
- [ #510421 ] FreeBSD compilation error because of missing header file
- changed selection mode of upload list to extended
- BUGFIX: send correct port for incoming connections
- BUGFIX: wrong range calculation
- BUGFIX: wrong progress calculation for interrupted downloads
- BUGFIX: [ #515401 ] 100% CPU usage when existing file aborts


- dialog to rename shared files
- show download progress bar and/or numeric value
- remember search speed between two sessions
- added Qt paths of FreeBSD to configure
- refresh button for interrupted download list
- resubmit searches
- BUGFIX: files reversed in resume dialog
- compatibility: renamed *.cc to *.cpp
- compatibility: using Q_UINTXX instead of uintXX_t


- warning message if one of the download directories does not exist
- new filename format for completed downloads (counter for same filenames
has been moved at the end, just right in front of the extension)
- new filename format for incompleted downloads
(additional information about start and end offset)
- do not download a file from the same host twice
- show BearShare file information if available
- BUGFIX: corrupted downloads when downloading files of the same size


- fixed strange stop/delete behavior
- remember size of filename columns
- "don't ask again" checkbox for "really delete dialog"
- FreeBSD compatibility patch (Roland Jesse)
- allow comma separated list of ports for incoming connections
- show MessageBox on bind error
- if HostCache is disabled do not bind to port
- fixed possible compilation problem with IconTabDialog


- don't download shared files
- patch: delete connection confirmation box (Micheal Schwendt)
- patch: fixed constructor problem with gcc 3.0.2 (Peter Simons)
- patch: Info not freeing resources (Micheal Schwendt)
- statistics: added some clients
- KDE: use file associations of KDE (Roland Riegel)
- improved list to resume interrupted downloads
- limit number of downloads / host
- BUGFIX: removing "shared directories" caused crash


- stop/remove/delete download from list of search results
- ip field to force the ip is editable for "manual" selection only
- "make dist" patch (Michael Schwendt)
- patch for configure / customize compiler flags (Michael Schwendt)
- advanced search: space represents a disjunction
- check for qt-mt.so rather than qt.so (Daniel Molkentin)
- fixed g++-3 namespace problem in Interface
- GUI: checkboxes for file types
- GUI: set size of all list columns (except filename) to maximum
- BUGFIX: if #in-connects > max drop some of them
- BUGFIX: wrong estimate DL time for continued DLs (Daniel Seifert)
- BUGFIX: filter additional data from filename from BearShare
- BUGFIX: clear inactive downloads caused crash (Felix Berger)
- BUGFIX: deleting/removing a queued download caused crash
- BUGFIX: clear busy uploads from internal upload list
- BUGFIX: router.limewire.com:6346 works (thx to Michael Schwendt)
- BUGFIX: QSocketNotifier (too many open connections)
- BUGFIX: QPopup crash (KDE3/Qt3) patch (Daniel Molkentin)


- save window geometry on exit
- result of "move into directory" is shown in a message box
- GUI: minimum window size is less than 800x600
- applied Qt 3.0.0 patch by Bernhard Rosenkraenzer
- green smiley indicates a failed but completed download
- BUGFIX: remove/delete file from download list caused crash
- BUGFIX: crash caused by uncaught SIGPIPEs (Jean-François Gobbers)
- BUGFIX: move files to other partitions


- new tab to manage interrupted downloads
- reserve slots for incoming connections
- take IP from specified network interface
- modified signal handler
- fixed layout problems (Eyal Lotem)
- BUGFIX: add up upload bandwidth
- BUGFIX: allow spaces in path names
- BUGFIX: max_uploads+1 (Daniel Seifert)
- BUGFIX: friend class for gcc 3.1 (Bernhard Rosenkraenzer)
- BUGFIX: avoid reading data of closed file
-- snapshot 20011022 --
- advanced search (use +/- to restrict your search)
- queries with size < 3 are not accepted anymore
- reduced complexness of string matching algorithm
- connects faster to other hosts
- patch by Joris Beugnies: abort download when disk full
- patch by Felix Berger: icon to close search tabs
- patches by David Glowack:
- configure.in: 'echo -n' doesn't work on SysV-derived systems
- support for big endian systems (Sparc and Mac)
- solaris doesn't appear to have a stdint.h header
- minor performance tweak for connections
- hostcache: delivers only official ip addresses
- hostcache: set number of hosts to deliver
-- snapshot 20011007 --
- download indicator
- sort download list
- replaced compiler flag -O1 by -O2
- added filter to limit filename length of search results
- log some events
- added option to delete files of download list from disc
- don't switch to download tab when starting a new download
- set extensions of audio, video and images
- added edit button to configuration->applications
- added dialog to select hostlist file
- added dialogs to select directories for finished and unfinished downloads
- set TTL
- added context menu to list of connections
- warning: redefined some keyboard accelerators !
- added mouse action and update button to autoconnect list
- reorganized configuration tab
- improved update of hostlist
- Hostcache server
- different Styles (SGI, Motif, MotifPlus, CDE, Windows, Platinum)
- change font
- additional decimal for download progress
- BUGFIX: sort search results with identical key
- BUGFIX: no multiple IPs in hostlist
- BUGFIX: approx. download time
- BUGFIX: continue interrupted download
- BUGFIX: move file from download list into directory
- BUGFIX: memory leak when deleting search tabs


- remove connections beeing inactive for two minutes
- download: added column for file size
- configuration: dialog to add shared directories (Micheal Schwendt)
- search: replaced lineedit by combobox
- connections: show input/output bandwidth of connections
- connections: show uptime of connections
- BUGFIX: show number of discovered hosts
- BUGFIX: sort search results by size
- BUGFIX: download time
- BUGFIX: accept incoming connections


- added connect[1..4].gnutellanet.com:6346 as default hostcaches
- added option "Move into Directory" for downloaded files
- keyboard accelerators
- added counter and new column "content type" for search results
- show number of results in tab
- context menu for download-, search-, upload-, shared file list
- on doubleclick launch file
- keep extension of files being in download progress
- BUGFIX: statistic overflow
- BUGFIX: clear inactive downloads -> clear aborted downloads
- BUGFIX: uptime
- configure: added directories for QT2 and KDE2
- UI: buttons react on mouseClick instead of mousePress
- UI: accept "Add Application"-Dialog on enter


- limited number of incoming queries to reduced cpu usage
- BUGFIX: memory leak
- BUGFIX: upload crash
- BUGFIX: "clear download" crash


- launch button (shared files) to launch a group of files
- double click on item in shared file list to launch file
- option to disable/enable filter for private IP's
- IP and 127.*.*.* are private
- BUGFIX: crash on removing entries from upload list
-- snapshot 20010819a --
- sort list of shared files
- don't add private IP's to hostlist
- small "q" for binary
- fixed "clear inactive" for downloads
- close connection when file has been received
- send push requests to firewalled hosts
- accept incoming connections
- patched configure for Debian (Falk Hueffner)
- sort search results by status and speed
- sort search results by size or name (Thorsten Holtkaemper)
- options to ignore search results of firewalled or busy hosts
- BUGFIX: crashes when receiving an invalid query package
- BUGFIX: crashes when trying to download without a search
- BUGFIX: sometimes crashed when deleting search tab or starting new search
-- snapshot 20010723 --
- redesign of configure script (--enable-debug, --enable-static)
- content filter
- specify number of retries
- on exit -> remove files (with certain properties)
- on exit -> save configuration
- on start -> auto-connect
- colored icons to specify speed and status of hosts
- P2P icon
- numbers of filesize delimited by comma
- fixed compiling problems with gcc 3.0
- fixed connecting problems on alpha
- merged "stop" and "delete" button
- set minimum speed for search results
- delete empty files when removing it from download list
- BUGFIX: search results without filenames (Falk Hueffner)
- BUGFIX: writing busy string to file


- accept incoming push requests
- forward push packets
- some statistics
- speed improvements
- status lines
- added host's status to search list
- remove hit number from search list
- send own vendor code "QTEL"
- show host's vendor code in search result
- added "Disconnect" button
- show speed in search list as text
- save hostlist on exit
- changed list selection mode
- BUGFIX: too many download threads
- BUGFIX: busy download
- BUGFIX: reconnected "abort download" button
- BUGFIX: wrong progress value for large file

- added "read file" button to read hosts from a file
- input fields react on enter
- looking for files in subdirectories of shared directories
- reduced search complexity
- BUGFIX: memory leak (Address::strPort())
- BUGFIX: whitespaces in filenames still caused blocking
- BUGFIX: max downloads
- BUGFIX: configure script (KDE integration)

- added minimize button
- KDE2 integration
- BUGFIX: connection to localhost caused crash or blocking
- BUGFIX: filnames containing whitespaces caused blocking

-BUGFIX: Qtella crashed when a queued download was aborted or removed


- multiple search
- monitor incoming queries
- compare incoming queries with shared files and send result
- Address() creates ip of hostname
- Address::longIP() returns correct ip address
- manual configuration of ip and port
- increased speed of moving file from incomplete to complete directory
- BUGFIX: sometimes the last bytes of a download were ignored
- Makefile improvements
- implemented upload
- removed directories from shared file list
- send number of shared files and size with pong
- send connection speed with query hits
- set number of maximum downloads
- continue interrupted downloads
- reduced retry timeout to 30s
- fixed memory leak when deleting a search list
- improved performance (replaced some vectors with lists)
- retry download on error and timeout
- remove busy uploads
- BUGFIX: big strstream memory leak
- set maximum number of downloads


- test if file already exists
- identification of download server
- reduced retry timeout to 45s
- BUGFIX: pipe broken caused Qtella to crash


First release.